Can Lutherans Celebrate the Corpus Christi Festival?

A Viewer asks if its appropriate for a confessional Lutheran to celebrate the Corpus Christi (Latin: Body of Christ) Festival. Pastor addresses the “why” of the festival and takes us back to Christ’s Words of Institution to see if Corpus Christi stands or falls by Christ’s Word.

If you’ve got questions (and come on, really, we know you do) then send them to and pastor will answer them as time allows.


Lay-Elder Communion

Can lay-elders take the Lord’s Supper to shut-ins? Can they consecrate the elements? Is it acceptable for them to take elements that have been reserved?

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Do Lutherans believe in Consubstantiation? What IS consubstantiation? If you enjoy ATP here’s your to-do list. Give the video a “thumbs up.” Share it on

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