Category: The Christian Life

Is Self Pollution Sin?

Many answer ‘no.’ Others say “not all the time.” What does the Scripture say? Get your ATP coffee mug here: If you’d like to

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True Repentance

What is included in genuine repentance? How do we know we are truly penitent for our sins? Don’t forget to like, share, and subscribe to

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Marriage and Dating

Would pastor marry a Lutheran parishioner to someone of another denomination? What about to someone of no religious affiliation? And how can a Lutheran go

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Are Good Works Necessary?

A viewer asks for clarification a previous video about faith and good works. Are good works necessary? Are they necessary for salvation? What is the

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Christian Meditation

How are Christians to meditate? What do Christians meditate upon? And what is the goal of mediation? Finally, what are some resources for that can

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