From Where Does the Liturgy Come?

From where does the church get the liturgy? Is it something the church just made up one day? Does it have any Scriptural or historical backing? (Is it alright for churches to tweak the liturgy, add or subtract parts, or write a new one altogether? That’s a different study as we say in these parts. . . but if someone wanted to ask it. . . )

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Transfiguration and Gesimatide

What is Gesimatide and why do Lutherans celebrate Christ’s Transfiguration at the end of the Epiphany season? What do these Sundays and their arrangement in

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Family Devotions

How can the liturgy be used for family devotions? What practices and habits can be formed to strengthen a family’s faith with God’s Word? Don’t

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Speaking in Tongues

What does the New Testament teach about speaking in tongues? Are the tongues in 1 Corinthians 12 and 14 the same as those in Acts

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