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Epiclesis and Eucharistic Prayers

What is an epiclesis and why haven’t Lutherans traditionally used one during the communion liturgy? What about Eucharistic Prayers? ATP Book Series: ATP Coffee

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Liturgical Colors

How many are there and what do they mean? Why do some churches use blue for Advent? Why do some use rose two Sundays a

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Modern Lutheran Hymnals

Pastor briefly evaluates the hymnals of LCMS past and present, including the Evangelical Lutheran Hymn-Book, The Lutheran Hymnal, Lutheran Worship, The Lutheran Service Book, and

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Is the Liturgy Adiaphora?

Is the church’s liturgy an indifferent thing which can be used or refused based on personal preference? What’s the difference between Liturgy and Ceremony, and

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Why Chant?

Why has the church throughout the ages chanted the liturgy and the psalms instead of putting them to contemporary music? Questions (and this or any

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Movements in Worship?

Why do we stand when we stand and sit when we sit in the Divine Service? Why does the pastor face one direction now and

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