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Resources for Studying Lutheranism

What books would Pastor recommend for someone interesting in learning about Lutheranism? Links for the books Pastor recommends: Purchase Philip Melanchthon’s 1535 Common Theological Topics

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Evangelical Catholicism

What is Evangelical Catholicism? What does it mean among Lutherans and Roman Catholics? In what way helpful and unhelpful? If you’d like to support ATP,

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Why NOT be Roman Catholic

Several viewers have asked recently why they should not be Roman Catholic. In this video, Pastor outlines some of the ways the Roman church has

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Why Should I Be Lutheran?

A viewer asks why he should be a Lutheran and what makes Lutheranism distinct from the other confessions of the Christian faith. In a religious

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What Does “Catholic” Mean?

Most people assume that ‘catholic’ = ‘Roman Catholic’ but that’s not the case. A view asks why we call ourselves catholic Christians but we are

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