Tag: Prayer

Pleading the Blood of Jesus

What do some Christians mean when they “plead the blood of Jesus” over themselves, others, their possessions, or situations? Is this an appropriate way to

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Church Fellowship

Unit Concept, Levels of Fellowship, or Altar & Pulpit fellowship? Can we pray with Christians of other denominations? If so, is it always a good

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How Does God Speak to Us?

Does God speak to us in prayer? Silence? Intuition? Our thoughts? Where do the Scriptures and Christ tell us to listen for His voice? If

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Why Table Blessings?

Why do we ask God to bless our food? What does asking God’s blessing teach us about our daily bread? Why did are the table

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Christian Meditation

How are Christians to meditate? What do Christians meditate upon? And what is the goal of mediation? Finally, what are some resources for that can

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