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Scandinavian Lutheranism

How did the Lutheran Reformation come to the Scandinavian countries? How was it different than the Reformation in the German territories? How was it the

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Do Lutheran celebrate Candlemas and what is it? Want to support ATP? Like the video. Subscribe to the Channel. Share the videos on social media.

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Why So Many Reformations?

Was there one reformation that split into four parts, or four different reformations during the sixteenth century, and what does the answer teach us about

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What Is the History of Lent?

What’s the history of Lent? When did Christians begin celebrating it? What did the Lutheran Reformers keep and discard from Lent? Understanding Lent’s history can

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Douay-Rheims Version

What is the Douay-Rheims version of Scripture? What distinguishes it from other English translations? It is reliable and is it worth using? Pastor considers this

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Protestant Reasoning Part I

In Part 1 of 2, Pastor answers concerns from a Roman Catholic seeking to understand Protestant friends and family. Pastor gives a Biblical reason for

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