Three Questions on Losing Salvation

How does a Christian put their salvation in jeopardy? What about King Solomon, who turned to flagrant idolatry in his later life? How does a Christian have certainty of his salvation if he can lose it? What is the point of this Scriptural teaching and what do we learn from the example of King David? All this and more in this episode of ATP.

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New Testament Apocrypha

What is the NT Apocrypha? Why isn’t it included in any English translation of the Bible? What should Christians watch for if they read these

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Are Christmas Trees Pagan?

Can Christians have Christmas trees in their homes and churches, or are Christmas trees descendants of pagan winter solstice celebrations that should be avoided? ATP

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Dead Sea Scrolls

What are they? What do they contribute to our understanding of the Old Testament and first century Judaism? Are they forgeries? ATP Book Series:

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