What about the Charismatic Movement?

What is the Charismatic Movement? What about the “baptism of the Holy Spirit,” speaking in tongues, and other signs and wonders? Should Christians seek them or does our Triune God come to us another way? Finally, what do the Scriptures say about all this?

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New Testament Apocrypha

What is the NT Apocrypha? Why isn’t it included in any English translation of the Bible? What should Christians watch for if they read these

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Are Christmas Trees Pagan?

Can Christians have Christmas trees in their homes and churches, or are Christmas trees descendants of pagan winter solstice celebrations that should be avoided? ATP

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Dead Sea Scrolls

What are they? What do they contribute to our understanding of the Old Testament and first century Judaism? Are they forgeries? ATP Book Series: https://tinyurl.com/7y98e69x

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